Philippe BOURDEL

Maître BOURDEL was sworn in as a Notary in 1991. He studied Notarial Law at the University of Paris and is also a graduate of the Institut de Droit des Affaires (Institute of Business Law) at the same University. Representing the fourth generation – from father to son – in the historic Fifteenth District Office, he quite naturally specialises, like his predecessors, in Family Law. Among his professional interests, he is focusd on developing improved management practice and quality assurance programmes and has acted as an advisor to several Presidents of the Conseil Supérieur du Notariat. As Chairman of the Groupe de Pilotage National Management et Qualité (National Management and Quality Assurance Steering Group) and then a delegate to the Paris Chamber of Notaries, he has, throughout his career, wanted to teach so that he could train future generations of colleagues. Today, he lectures on Management at the University of PARIS-DAUPHINE and is one of the founders of the FRAGILIS website, “the specialist Family Office for the disabled and very elderly”. He is extremely attentive to personal precarity and, in partnership with other specialised professionals, has developed an array of innvoative, targeted solutions.